Who Is To Blame? – Italian Football News 26 Mar 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Who Is To Blame? – Italian Football News 26 Mar 22

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After Italy’s humiliating defeat to North Macedonia on Thursday which means that there will be no Italy at the World Cup again, the attack dogs are out and what they want is to know who to blame.

Is it Jorginho, who had two opportunities to put Italy through much earlier in the qualification campaign? He missed both penalties, either one would have given Italy enough points to top the group and qualify.

Was it Ciro Immobile, who is one of the world’s great strikers at club level but cannot turns into a donkey in the shirt of the Azzuri?

Is it Gigio Donnarumma, whose positioning for the North Macedonia goal was reminiscent of someone who had never played in goal before playing in a Dad’s team.

Is it Roberto Mancini, who insisted that his Euros-winning squad had what was needed to qualify automatically and constantly told us how Italy would not only qualify for the World Cup but win it?

I have yet to find the part in the FIFA rulebook where it says that once a clear person responsible has been found then you get to play at the world cup, so what is the point of pointing fingers, destroying people’s credibility and holding a single person up to the hatred and anger of the mob?

It’s a waste of time, doesn’t change anything and only turns people into enemies. However, this will run and run and will potentially see us lose the best coach in 20 years and a return to having a new coach every couple of years.

Mancini had a plan. He somehow got this squad to come together and win a major international trophy and restore some pride to Italy after it had been crushed by the pandemic, but no, he got something wrong and needs to pay. What is this playground nonsense?

Is it more important to see someone pay the price for Italy’s failure to qualify or that people involved understand where they went wrong and learn from it? Treat it as a chance to improve?

Unfortunately, Italy will throw the baby out with the bathwater and we will be lucky to see Italy at a World Cup in the next twenty years.

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