Viola Tears – Italian Football News 3 Mar 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Viola Tears – Italian Football News 3 Mar 22

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Vlahovic’s return ends in victory for Juve courtesy of a last minute own goal.

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A heart-breaking last-minute own goal from Fiorentina’s Lorenzo Venuti gave Juventus a 1-0 win in their Coppa Italia semi final first leg in Florence.

When a cross from the right came into the box, Venuti simply could not get out of the way and despite his desperate lunge, he couldn’t stop the ball from crossing the line.

Seconds later, after the final whistle, Venuti left the pitch in tears but the man who comforted him was a surprise.

It was Juve striker Dusan Vlahovic, returning to the fans who once adored him yet now have nothing but pure hatred for him since they perceived him to have betrayed them by joining their most bitter rivals.

You have to say that Vlahovic has some balls. He was the last player to leave the pitch after the warm up. Taking centre stage for a final free kick drill, he twice ran up to the ball to a cacophony of boos and whistles from the home fans before pausing and starting his run up again.

On the third attempt, he curled it into the top corner, then turning and running to the stairs that lead from the field of play to the dressing rooms.

There was certainly no hiding, at least before the game.

During the game, Vlahovic was quiet, a 55th-minute flick being his main contribution to the game.

The own goal gives Juve a big advantage as it means that Fiorentina now have to go to Turin around April 20th and win by at least two goals.

With the Coppa Italia out of the way, how does the weekend look in Serie A?

Clearly, the headline game is on Sunday between Napoli and Milan, but the weekend kicks off on Friday and the fact that Inter are at home to bottom of the table Salernitana mean that when the game in Naples kicks off, both teams could have dropped a place if Inter win, as they are expected to do.

Salernitana have certainly improved since their change of coach but it’s a stretch to think that they might win at San Siro.

Then on Saturday, the game that stands out is in Rome, where Roma host Atalanta. Roma are simply no good at the moment, scraping points from games where they deserve nothing and Mourinho’s luck might be running out.

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