Tug Of War Over Dybala! – Italian Football News 22 Jan 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Tug Of War Over Dybala! – Italian Football News 22 Jan 22

Former Juventus directors Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici are fighting over Juventus’ Paulo Dybala.

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A tug of war has broken out over Juventus’ Argentinian star Paulo Dybala.

At one end of the rope is Dybala’s former Juve Director and now Inter Director, Beppe Marotta. At the other end, another of Dybala’s former Juve Director Fabio Paratici, who is now Sporting Director at Spurs.

The pair, who are now fighting over La Joya, initially fought together to bring him to Turin back in 2015. Both men had similar takes on the deal, worth €40 million from Palermo. Paratici described the deal as the riskiest of his career – amazing bearing in mind he convinced Juve to spend 100 million euros on Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile Marotta recalls that his hands were shaking at the signing ceremony, so worried was he that the player would bomb.

This time, however, they are fighting over the player and a potential massive bargain free transfer at the end of the season.

Juventus appear to be happy to let Dybala go, withdrawing an offer previously presented to the player and are now even asking him to take a 15% pay cut until the end of the season, as they are with their other players whose contracts expire in the next 6 months.

So, Spurs or Inter? Dybala would improve almost any squad he joined. The question will always be whether he can stay injury-free for long enough to put in a sustained run of appearances.

In last night’s Serie A game, Bologna’s poor run continued as they blew a 1-0 lead to lose 2-1 at Verona. Sinisa Mihajlovic’s side were missing a number of players and have now lost three in a row.

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