The End Of An Era? – Italian Football News 30 Mar 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
The End Of An Era? – Italian Football News 30 Mar 22

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Roberto Mancini’s post-failure Azzurri got off to a winning start last night with a 3-2 win in Turkey. Italy went a goal down after just 4 minutes but were 2-0 by half time through Roma’s Bryan Cristante and Sassuolo’s Giacomo Raspadori.

Another Raspadori goal in the second half put Italy 3-1 up before TUrky scored a messy second late on. There was still time for a couple of great saves from Donnarumma who desperately needs to regain some confidence.

But the game also potentially the end of an era with what could have been the last Azzurri appearance of Giorgio Chiellini.

After the game, Chiellini posted on Instagram, saying:

“Thursday was a sad page in the history book of our careers, we will always have a void inside us. But in sport, just as in life, we must have the strength to get back on our feet. Always.

“And these lads will write more important pages in the history of Italian football, giving us all the same emotions we were fortunate enough to experience last summer.

Always and forever, FORZA AZZURRI.”

At 37, another tournament would be unlikely for Chiellini, who gained his 116th cap last night.

Chiellini is popular the world over, a true Italian warrior whose dedication to defending and some of the dark arts (just ask Bakayao Saka) is admired across football.

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