Ramsey Going Nowhere! – Italian Football News 29 Jan 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Ramsey Going Nowhere! – Italian Football News 29 Jan 22

Juve’s fantastic swoop for Dusan Vlahovic is masking one of their worst transfer decisions ever.

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When Juventus signed Aaron Ramsey in 2018, many saw it as another smart bit of business from the Italian champions. At 28 years old, Aaron was at the peak of his career and Arsenal fans were crying into their craft beers at his departure.

So they gave him a 5 year contract on huge wages and hoped his rampaging runs from midfield would offer them even more going forward.

But they wilfully ignored one vital fact. That Arsenal were prepared to let him go for nothing.

Had Juventus ignored what Arsenal may have seen very clearly? That Ramsey would never be able to stay fit consistently over the remainder of his career?

Ramsey had his injury issues at Arsenal, especially after a horrific double leg break in 2010. His recovery from that and subsequent return to full fitness made him a Gunners fan favourite but now, even die hard Ramsey supporters at Arsenal will look back and see the decision to let him leave on a free as a wise one.

Ramsey’s time at Juve has been peppered with an endless series of muscle problems and illnesses that have limited his game time more and more, year on year.

This season, he has played 98 minutes of Serie A, earning a salary of 7.5 million euros after tax and in 2021, the Welshman played more for his country than he did for his club.

So what were Juve thinking? Did they think they could ‘cure’ him? Did they think he would magically grow out of his physical problems or did they just think that with them winning the scudetto every year, the good times would never stop and they could take expensive punts whenever they wanted?

They want Ramsey out. He has been frozen out of the squad and the club are desperate for him to go but the player, as is his right, is refusing to go. He has turned down offers to move to Burnley, Palace, Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Wolves and if he doesn’t go, he’ll be hanging round the Aaron Ramsey wing at the Juventus Medical Centre for another year and a half.

The Ramsey transfer is one that has bitten Juventus on their stripey backsides but a warning for Spurs fans. The man who decided that signing Ramsey was a great idea is now running your club!

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