Milan Ref Under Fire! – Italian Football News 19 Jan 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Milan Ref Under Fire! – Italian Football News 19 Jan 22

The referee of the Milan – Spezia game, Marco Serra, has been criticised by players, ex-players and the media for his failure to play the advantage in Milan.

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Poor Marco Serra. 90 minutes of perfectly good refereeing but for the next 24 hours, you are the talk of the football world with everyone including current players, former players, former referees and even senior politicians, all weighing in with their opinions on the only mistake you made in the whole game. 

In the 91st minute of the Milan – Spezia game, with the scores level, Ante Rebic was brought down on the edge of the Spezia box. The ball fell nicely to Junior Messias who bada-binged the ball into the Spezia goal for 2-1 to Milan. 

But the goal could not stand. Referee Serra had failed to wait for the advantage and already blown for the foul on Rebic. Surrounded by the Milan players, he explained he could not reverse his decision. Milan wasted the free kick but to make things worse, a Spezia attack on 95 minutes brought them the winner and all three points. 

According to reports, three senior Milan players went to see the ref in his dressing room to discuss the issue, only to find him in tears, devastated at his mistake and apologising to the players while Zlatan consoled him, telling him “Hey, mistakes happen”. 

 On Tuesday morning, Serra faced low scores and a great deal of opinion in the football papers. Tuttosport described him as ‘inadequate’, while the three main dailies all used the same headline – “Effetto Serra”, or “Greenhouse Effect”, to highlight the poisonous nature of his performance. 

Even right-wing politician Matteo Salvini weighed in, urging Milan “not to stay quiet over this disgusting referee”. 

Serra will be punished by the referee’s association and will miss at least two matches. 

In the Coppa Italia, a solitary Immobile goal in extra time was enough to see Lazio beat Udinese. Lazio boss Maurizio Sarri was wiped out by Udinese’s Ignacio Pussetto but the pair hugged it out. 

In the other game, Juve thumped Sampdoria 4-1 including a goal from Paulo Dybala, which he celebrated this time! 

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