Mancini Staying! – Italian Football News 29 Mar 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Mancini Staying! – Italian Football News 29 Mar 22

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Calmness and sanity has prevailed and Roberto Mancini will be staying as Italy’s national coach!
In his press conference yesterday, Mancini said:
“We’ve spoken these days. I think we have the same ideas on everything. We’ll talk again in the next few days. Now, let’s focus on the game, then we’ll see what we must improve in the future. It’s all here,”
“We need to start again and think about different situations. We have difficult games ahead. We’ll see.
“Despite the huge disappointment, I am happy to see that the job we’ve done in the last four years has been appreciated. The victory at the Euros was not the only good thing we did. The lads deserve the praise for what we’ve done. I can say that these guys are special. The group is exceptional,”
“We should have won the qualification group with at least two points more than Switzerland. We should have won the game in Basel 3-0. Since September, we haven’t been lucky, and I can’t blame my players because we’ve always played good football. We were not clinical. We made mistakes, we wasted many chances.
“I think you all remember the game in Basel. We should have scored two goals, at least. We’ll look at our errors. Now it’s useless to talk. We don’t want to find excuses.”

“We’ve always tried to give our best in these four years by winning and playing a different brand of football with an offensive mentality. We made it, but in football, things can change overnight.”
“We’ll have a chance to add younger players who, we hope, will have more chances with their clubs. This is crucial. There are many young players who can have the ambition to play with Italy and with a bright future ahead.
“We can look at the potential of young players. The current team, with some addition, could have won the World Cup. There are many things we need to see, surely, we’ll change something from the next games. We must look at the Euros in two years and prepare the team to qualify. This is our job.
“I wanted to win a European championship and a World Cup. I’ll have to wait for the World Cup, but I like this job and I want to organize something important. Aside from this disappointment, the rest goes on…”
Tonight, Italy play Turkey but the new era won’t start just yet. Italy needs its clubs to play more young Italian talent to build a squad for the next 10 years and that won’t happen overnight but in words at least, we have a way forward.

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