Mancini Must Stay! – Italian Football News 27 Mar 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Mancini Must Stay! – Italian Football News 27 Mar 22

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Italy is slowly coming to terms with the fact that they will not be at the World Cup in Qatar this year and thankfully, it feels like something approaching calm is taking over from the initial rage, fury and terrible suggestions for the way forward.

Top of the tree of reason is Roberto Mancini, who took to Instagram to express his views on the defeat to North Macedonia and its impact.

“Football can sometimes be a merciless metaphor for life.
“Last summer we were on the top of Europe after completing one of the most beautiful feats in the history of the national team. A few hours ago we woke up at one of the most dramatic points.
“We went from total joy to frustrating disappointment.
“It’s really hard to accept, but accepting defeats in life is part of a healthy path of human and sporting growth.
“Let’s take some time to reflect and understand clearly. The only right move now is to raise our heads and work for the future.”

Thank God for the last sentence. I hope it means that he won’t be rushed into a decision on his future and it appears there is no pressure from the FA for him to go, or even announce anything.

I feel that had he made an instant decision, he would have gone but the more time he has, the more time he takes, the more likely we are to take stock, review and plan for the future without having to deal with the disruption of a new coach.

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