I Will Always Love You! – Italian Football News 24 Jan 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
I Will Always Love You! – Italian Football News 24 Jan 22

Milan and Juve draw 0-0 on San Siro’s mu flat pitch while Napoli and Roma score 4 goals each.

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Goals aplenty in yesterday’s games with both Napoli and Roma banging in 4 apiece. 
Napoli had the easier task, playing at home to this season’s whipping boys, Salernitana. 
Defender Juan Jesus scored his first goal for Napoli and only his fourth ever goal with a close range strike on 17. Salernitana drew level on 33 through Bonazzoli but a Dries Mertens penalty on the stroke of half time restored Napoli’s lead. Just 2 minutes into the second hald, Rahmani swept in the third and the scoring was complete when Lorenzo Insigne scored from the spot. 
Insigne’s goal was celebrated by him running towards the nearest TV camera and shouting “I love you and I will always love you!”. The goal also put him level with Diego Maradona as Napoli’s third highest ever goal scorer on 115. 
The biggest game of the weekend was at San Siro where 2nd placed Milan faced Juventus, who were looking to break into the top 4. The pitch at San Siro is increasingly becoming an issue, with both Milan managers saying it is not fit for purpose and Inter boss Inzaghi saying it could scupper their title hopes. 
But the pitch was not the worst thing about this stinker of a game, both sides cancelling each other out to register a surprising 0-0 draw. Bad news for Milan as Zlatan left the field injured in the first half.  
In the other games, Fiorentina and Cagliari drew 1-1, Spezia won again, beating Sampdoria 1-0 and Torino were held 1-1 by Sassuolo. 
Serie A will now take a welcome break until February 6th, with a national team get together coming this weekend where we expect to see an appearance by Mario Balotelli. 
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