How Good Are Inter? – Italian Football News 16 Feb 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
How Good Are Inter? – Italian Football News 16 Feb 22

As the Italian champions host Liverpool in the Champions League, how can they compete with the best in Europe?

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The champions of Italy, Inter Milan, welcome one of Europe’s footballing royalty tonight as Liverpool arrive at San Siro.

Having never been to the Milan stadium previously, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is making his second trip this season as his side played AC Milan in the group stages of the Champions League earlier this season.

Domestically, Liverpool are in second place behind a totally dominant Manchester City side, while Inter have just lost the lead they held in Serie A since November. They won the league last season by basing their entire attacking unit around Romelu Lukaku.

But Lukaku was not played as a target man. He would often move out wide, dragging defenders with him and opening up space in the middle for the likes of Eriksen, Sanchez and Martinez to occupy. It wasn’t his pure power that won Inter the title, it was the clever way in which Conte harnessed and developed Lukaku’s other talents.

Now that Lukaku has gone, Dzeko is the new attacking focus and the Bosnian has had a decent season. But he has never been the spectacular, standout striker than Lukaku can be. Neither is he the kind of thrilling forward that Liverpool have in abundance. In addition, Inter’s biggest concern is the drop in contribution from Lautaro Martinez although that has been slightly offset by improvement from Alexis Sanchez.

Tonight’s game looks very evenly balanced but there’s no doubt that Inter are worried and go into the game seeing themselves as underdogs against the likes of Salah.

Inter are more than capable of keeping Liverpool at bay if their defence maintain high levels of concentration and they get enough support from the midfield, especially down the flanks where Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are dangerous but for me, this game will go down to how well Liverpool play and how Inter respond to that. I don’t see Inter dominating the game and bringing it to Liverpool.

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