Derby Day In Turin – Italian Football News 15 Oct 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Derby Day In Turin – Italian Football News 15 Oct 22

Ciao, ragazzi! This is Andrew with your Calcio Daily for Saturday, October 15th!

All eyes today will be on Turin, where it’s derby day as Torino host rivals Juventus.

Amazingly, Torino are just two points behind their more famous neighbours, so a win would take them above them in Serie A.

Torino have not won the Turin derby, known as the Derby Delle Molle, or Derby Of The Springs, for 7 and a half year but although not pulling up any trees themselves, Torino have a good chance this time out.

Juventus are a team of wounded soldiers. No confidence in their leader, under fire, directionless and confined to their barracks by their club.

Since the awful Champions League defeat away to Maccabi Haifa on Tuesday, Max Allegri has had his players in a ritiro, or retreat.

Ritiro is a method often used in Italy to try to turn around a run of poor form or results. Two seasons ago, when Napoli owner Aurelio di Laurentis put his side into ritiro, it caused player mutiny and a standup row between Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti. After the boss sided with the players, he was out.

Ritiro can galvanise a squad, bringing them together in a group to understand their collective responsibility but frankly, it is seen as more of a punishment as it is normally only used after a run of poor results.

In Juventus’ case, the club and especially Allegri have had to accept that it is being used as a punishment but reports have emerged that some players did not want to join.

Something that Allegri has denied.

“The team has never asked not to make the training retreat and it was a punishment. We returned [from Israel] on Wednesday at 6 pm, and we trained straight away. The following morning we were on the pitch at 10 am.


“We are focused on how to end this situation, the only way to do it is by getting a result,” he added.


Whatever the reasons for the ritiro, the truth is that Allegri is under increasing pressure from all sides, only his boss, Andrea Agnelli, seems to be in his corner and a poor result in the derby would only make it worse.

Here are this weekend’s Serie A matches!

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