Cowards! – Italian Football News 30 Jan 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Cowards! – Italian Football News 30 Jan 22

A group of Fiorentina fans have released an open letter about the sale of Dusan Vlahovic to Juventus and nobody comes out of it well.

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There is a lot that football fans hate. Diving (from opposition players), players not pulling their weight, owners who won’t spend billions or won’t ‘get out of their club’, but one thing they really hate is when their club sells their best player to their most bitter rival.

On the receiving end of this more than any other group in history are Fiorentina fans, who over time have seen the likes of Roberto Baggio, Federico Chiesa and now Dusan Vlahovic sold to the Dark Side. The club whose name they dare not speak, Juventus.

In a very, very strongly worded open letter a group of Viola Ultras vented their fury at once again, selling the clubs jewels to their Devil.

“So it’s the usual, another small man without balls, without honour and without respect who goes to a club with no identity or sense of belonging,” read the ultras open letter.

“Another ownership that after expressing its love for the Viola people, does what all their predecessors did: sell our best players to our historic rivals. We’re no longer surprised by anything and certainly won’t tear our hair out at losing the latest buffoon.”

“Dear President, what did they tell you in order to convince you to do such a thing? You who at the Meyer hospital had told a child that you would not sell any more players to Juventus. Congratulate Barone, who must’ve been convincing to tell you who knows what to talk you into an operation that brought in money, but made you lose face in front of an entire city.

“How is it possible that you decided to do deals with the ultimate evil that until the other day you fought against? We thought, with pride, that we’d left behind the dark period of sales for profit and deals with they who shall not be named, only to go straight back into it.

“A city that had totally embraced your battles and would’ve continued to embrace you in future, but now feels abandoned and betrayed.”

“We are not prepared to watch our passion be trampled on, as your transfer market people don’t seem to represent your way of approaching this adventure with us. We anxiously await your arrival, President, as the entire city needs to understand.

“Our final message is for the squad. You’ve proved that you have guts, we are with you. More battles await us and hopefully we’ll prompt some regrets for those who left in the night like a coward.”

Nobody involved in the deal comes out well, and the fallout will continue for a long, long time.

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