Come Back, Antonio! – Italian Football News 1 Apr 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Come Back, Antonio! – Italian Football News 1 Apr 22

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Antonio Conte was yesterday awarded Serie A Coach Of The Year, despite no longer managing in Italy.

The award was for last season when he guided Inter Milan to the scudetto, but that was almost a whole year ago!

Conte is currently suffering at Spurs. Things have not gone his way and it looks like he won’t get the billions that he likes to spend on a squad to get it up to scratch.

So, he gets a nice award from his peers in Italy and then La Gazzetta carries a headline today asking simply “Would Conte Return?”

He is also on the front of Corriere Dello Sport, so is there a co-ordinated effort to bring Antonio Conte back to Serie A?

Could be, and there are several potential groups behind it.

One could be Inter, who have gone off the boil somewhat under Inzaghi, especially in 2022. Out of the Champions league, no longer in control at the top of Serie A and only the Coppa Italia offering their best shot at a trophy. Is someone at Inter pulling media strings to bring Conte back, possibly even with Lukaku, who is also not quiet about wanting to return to Inter?

Or how about Juventus? Less likely than it would have been a few months ago. Allegri’s team are on the march and Conte is also not especially popular in Turin.

Or maybe it’s Conte himself? Putting out the feelers so that one of Italy’s giants might make contact if they knew he would be open to an approach? Dare I say it? Maybe even an attempt to regain the role of Azzurri coach?

Who knows? It does feel like he won’t be at Spurs next season though, he just hasn’t gelled with the squad, who seem to have accepted mediocrity and inconsistency, which Conte simply does not understand or accept.

It’s going to be an interesting few months though!

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