Bad Night For Gigio – Italian Football News 10 Mar 22

Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Calcio Daily - The Daily Italian Football Podcast!
Bad Night For Gigio – Italian Football News 10 Mar 22

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A bad night for Gigio Donnarumma as PSG are dumped out by Real Madrid.

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The day started very well for Gigio Donnarumma. Told that he would be starting his second consecutive Champions League game for PSG. Sparking a wide belief that this was the star of him becoming number one ahead of Kaylor Navas.

His teammate Mbappe had put his side 2-0 up on aggregate in the 38th minute away to Real Madrid and life looked good.

On 60 minutes, Hachimi played the ball back to Donnarumma and the Real press took over. Carlo Ancelotti had told his team to put the Italian keeper under pressure and Karim Benzema managed to block Gigio’s clearance.

The ball rebounded to Vinicius Junior who squared it back to Benzema to score.

On 75, Benzema struck the ball high into the PSG net and 11 seconds later, Benzema’s hat trick and Real’s comeback was complete.

The focus will be on Donnarumma but PSG were collectively culpable, running around like headless chickens at times, especially for Real’s third goal.

It’s a sad chapter for Donnarumma in a tough first season in Paris. Gigio is an outstanding keeper and there was a strong claim for a foul on him for the first goal, a wicked deflection for the second and utter defensive madness from Marquinhos for the third.

Back in Italy, Paulo Dybala’s on/off/on/off contract renewal at Juve currently seems to be off as the club has postponed a meeting to discuss the contract with his agent.

What is strange to me is that Dybala is out of contract in just three months and is free to speak to other clubs yet there has been no rumour about foreign interest in the player. Only Inter so far seem ready to move for the Argentinian in the Summer.

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